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BONO REGIONAL Minister, Justina Awo Banahene, has called on all stakeholders in Bono Region to exercise patience and support the efforts to develop the region.

The minister said in a statement signed by her personal assistant, Clement Bonso, that she will not take the people of the region for granted and would push for development of the area.

The statement titled ‘Concerns Over Perceived Neglect and Underdevelopment of the Sunyani Municipality of Bono Region,’ rebutted the neglect allegation and further explained the efforts being made by the government to bring development to all areas of the region.

She refuted allegations and persistent media discourse that governments including the current NPP administration have done little or is doing nothing to develop the Sunyani Municipality and the Bono Region as a whole.

According to her, key interest areas such as the construction of a new stadium, completion of the Sunyani Airport, completion of the Centre for National Culture Auditorium, completion of Bono Regional Library Complex among other developmental projects, some of which have stalled for more than 18 years, will be done.

She said she has always welcomed constructive criticism, but was against those hinged on personal attacks, which could elicit rebuttal and lead to unnecessary tension in the region.

“We are happy citizens are heeding to the call by President Akufo-Addo not to be spectators only. We, however, wish to admonish patrons to be decorous in the discussions relating to the development of Sunyani and the region as a whole.

“We call on all stakeholders to limit their discussions to the core issues which are factual and verifiable and not to resort to personal attacks and vilification of certain individuals and institutions,” the statement said.

The minister said she has held stakeholders’ meetings with interest groups such as the Bono Regional House of Chiefs, MPs, assemblies, religious groupings, among others and set up committees that are to spearhead the concerns raised by citizens in the region as part of the effort to develop the region.

She, therefore, pleaded with the people to exercise patience since the NPP government under the able leadership of President Akufo-Addo would not take the people of Sunyani or Bono Region for that matter for granted.

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