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The Executive Secretary of the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers, Ghana (COPEC), has called on Ghanaians to put pressure on parliament to enact a law to curtail the powers of the finance minister as far as the imposition of taxes on the petroleum sector is concerned.

Mr Amoah said the continuous increase in the price of petroleum products and the imposition of unnecessary taxes over the years, have been frustrating.

Mr Amoah made this comment on Accra-based  in support of calls by commercial transport operators for the taxes on fuel prices to be removed.

He said only last year, the finance minister imposed two taxes, including a ‘Borla’ tax on petrol, adding that these unnecessary taxes on petrol pricing in the country have contributed to the cost build-up.

“As we speak, the unnecessary taxes on the product, if removed, can make the price of the product relatively cheaper in the country,” he stressed.

The unnecessary taxes, if removed, he said, will save Ghanaians from spending their savings on fuel.

He argued that what must be done to make the price of petrol stable in the country is to curtail the finance minister’s powers to impose taxes on the product.

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