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Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul has refuted assertions that military officials deployed to stop illegal mining have confiscated gold from galamsey sites.

Speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday, June 2, he revealed that 592 items including 24 excavators, 341 chanfang machines as well as 123 water pumping machines have been seized and destroyed. However, the alleged seizing of gold is untrue.

“I have been hearing people forcing the Armed Forces to accept that they have seized things that they have not seized. The Armed Forces have not seized any gold. If they have seized any gold they will declare it. It is not possible for 420 officers and men to hide anything they have seized, it is simply not possible.”

His comment comes as a response to the ongoing speculation by some Ghanaians insisting that aside military officials unjustly destroying excavators and other mining equipment of miners, pieces of gold found on the site are seized.

Reacting to that, Dominic Nitiwul noted that these military officials are fully briefed and complying with the rules of engagement laid down by the incumbent government, therefore, any item confiscated or destroyed is recorded and made known to the general public.

He is of the view that no officer of the Armed Forces, “will risk his carrier and the livelihood of his family because he wants to pick an ounce of gold and hide it. It is not possible. If they have seized gold I would have stated it. They haven’t seized any gold that is why I did not state it.”

“The day they will find a quantity of gold or even small pieces of gold I will say it but for now they have not we have not seized anything like that that is why I have not given an update on that particular one” he assured.


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