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The inspector General of police, IGP, James Oppong Boanuh, has announced the establishment of an air wing unit of the Police Service.

At a closing ceremony of a three-day National Police Command Conference, the IGP stressed that the construction of hangars have been completed and yet to take delivery of helicopters.

According to the IGP, the air wing will function as a unit of the Police force.

“To ensure the effective production of our services, some new units have been created, the air wing, in fact the hangar has been completed, and we are just awaiting the arrival of the helicopters.” The IGP said.

He added, “Inrecent times, crime has assumed sophisticated and complex levels amid calls to modernize as well as establish new units to deal with the exigencies”.

He said at least, six police officers have undergone aviation and flying training programme in South Africa to form part of the air wing of the Ghana Police Service.

He said the police will intensify intelligence led policing more than it did in the past.

This he said is geared towards ensuring the police service increases its fight against violence crimes and keeping communities safe.

The IGP charged the various Commanders to prioritise the welfare of men and women of the service and unsure they are given the maximum attention to discharge their duties professionally.

He bemoaned recent incidences of suicide among service personnel and stressed, counselling units within the service have been strengthened to manage personel who find themselves in stressful situations.

He reiterated the need to build trust between the police and the public since information is key to securing maximum protection of lives and property in the country.

He added the administration will Institute a performance league table among the regional commands to make the commands competetive. This is also to get the strategies developed to be fully implemented.

The Chief Director of the Ministry of Interior, Adlaide Anno-Kumi, for her part charged the police service to put in more effort to drastically reduce road cannages which keep claiming more lives in the country.

She said, it is unpleasant for the country to keep recording increasing road accidents.

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