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President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has lamented the increasing number of active COVID-19 cases in the country.

According to him, the number of daily infections was on the rise with an average of 130 new cases being recorded per day in the last two weeks.

The President in his 18th address to the nation three weeks ago indicated that the number of infections was on the decline with statistics pointing to the fact that the country was on the path towards defeating the virus.

However, in his 19th address to the nation on measures taken to combat the virus on Sunday, President Akufo Addo said, “In recent weeks however, we have observed a gradual trajectory of the virus with an increase in active cases from the 398 cases recorded three weeks ago to 1,139 active cases as at Friday, 6th November. The total number of deaths now stands at 320.

The number of daily infections is on the rise; from an average of 25 new cases per day then to average of 130 new cases per day in the course of the last two weeks.”

He attributed the increasing number of cases to the non-compliance of COVID-19 preventive protocols.

He said the high compliance rate with mask wearing of persons surveyed by the Ghana Health Servive (GHS) in some selected areas of Accra has according to a new survey fallen alarmingly from 44.3 per cent to five per cent

“It appears that we are letting our guard down. Now more than ever, we have to adhere to mask weaing, handwashing, the use of sanitizers and social distancing protocols that have become a part of our daily routines,” the President said.

President Akufo-Addo therefore encouraged political party leaders and supporters to wear their masks at all-time even as they embark on their campaigns in the run up to the December polls to help minimize disease transmission


According to the President, statistics indicate that the Greater Accra Region still leads with the number of active cases with only two districts having no cases.

He said the Greater Accra Region accounts for 75 per cent of cases, Ashanti, Bono, Eastern and Western Regions accounting for 16 per cent of the cases while the other remaining 11 regions account for 4 per cent and arrivals at the Kotoka International Airport responsible for the other five per cent.


The President said government was going to reaffirm earlier steps which were taken to help arrest this threat of rising new infections.

“We are enhancing the measures of tracing, testing and treatment. In addition, we will continue to limit the importation of the virus, embark on the strategic controlled easing of public gathering, enhance public education and information and continue to provide relief and support for individuals, families and businesses,” he outlined.

He added that the GHS had received vehicles to help beef up contact tracing and the supervision of asymptomatic cases that were being treated at home.

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