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The Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana has published the Special Voting list for individuals who will vote early on Tuesday, December 1, as a result of their duties on election day (December 7, 2020).

The Special Voting covers security personnel, media personnel and election officials who will be unable to vote at the polling stations where they registered on the day of the general election (December 7, 2020).

It also captures polling stations across the 16 regions of the country and the ‘Name Reference List’ comes with a warning for individuals to desist from making extracts or copies without written permission from the EC.

The results of the Special Voting (which is only allowed for general elections) will however not be declared until after the general election.

The compilation of the Special Voting list which began on October 2, 2020, concluded on Thursday, October 15, 2020.

There were over 127,000 special voters for the 2016 election.


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