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The National Election Security Task Force has warned private security outfits to stay away from polling stations on December 7, 2020.

According to the Director of Operations at the Ghana Police Service, DCOP Dr. Sayibu Pabi Gariba, only uniformed personnel deployed by the state security agencies will be entertained at the polling stations on election day.

Speaking at a forum organized by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Dr. Gariba indicated firmly that, election management will be solely handled by EC officials and officers deployed by state security agencies.

“These duties shall be performed by uniformed personnel of all the security agencies. Anybody who is not in uniform is unauthorised – private security agencies are not part of it [election management].”

The Ghana Police Service has begun training its officers who will be deployed for election-related duties in December 2020.

The Service will also provide adequate Personal Protective equipment to deployed police officers.

This is to ensure the safety of all personnel who will be required to work, according to the Service.

The Inspector-General of Police, James Oppong-Boanuh, together with members of the Police Management Board, has also held a meeting with the leadership of the various political parties to discuss security during the 2020 general elections.

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