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The Minister for Roads and Highways, Kwesi Amoako-Atta has disclosed that the Nana Addo led NPP government is currently working on Forty-seven (47) different road projects in the Bono East region.

According to him, the road network in the region is 4.550 kilometers which has only 17% representing 778km paid (i.e. finished and in use). With the remaining 83% at either gravel or earth levels.”

Addressing the press in Techiman, Wednesday, September 9, the Sector Minister stated that the road network size in the country as at January 2017 stood at 80.000 km. With 23% of such roads paid and the remaining 77% still not attended to or some also at the gravel or earth levels. “Out of this, 39% of roads in Ghana as at 2017 were considered as good roads while 61% are considered as poor roads. So you can imagine the critical nature of our roads as the time Nana Addo took over the mantle to lead this country.”

Amoako-Atta explained these figures and percentages pushed the President’s agenda to create the Six (6) new regions as well as dedicating 2020 as the “Year of Roads.”

“President Akufo-Addo wanted every region and part of the country to get its share of the national cake especially in terms of roads hence the creation of the 6 new regions which includes Bono East. All the 6 new regions had the lowest in terms of development. The President was therefore at speed to see development in all the new regions, that’s why you see aggressive road construction in whatever form happening in every part of the country across all regions.”

The Sector Minister assured that his Ministry, day and night is working tirelessly to ensure that all roads in the region comes on the same level with the other established and bigger regions. “The people of Bono East should be rest assured that my ministry is keeping a close eye on the roads in every part of the region and we are tackling them with all seriousness given the ‘limited specific’ time stated by the President.”

He touted, “It is on record backed by statistics that, no government since independence has accelerated the development of road infrastructure than the New Patriotic Party under the leadership of President Akufo-Addo.”

Amoako-Atta however, cautioned all contractors in the country stating, “No contractor will be allowed to do a shoddy work and will expect to be paid for.” “It shall never happen under this government.”


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