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The Minister for Defense, Dominic Nitiwul has questioned the right former president, John Dramani Mahama has to demand votes from the people of Salaga when a road contract that would have eased the burden of traveling from Tamale Salaga was deliberately delayed.

He said several pregnant women have died whiles been transported to Tamale because of the bad nature of the road.

Addressing the chiefs and people of Kpembi in the Savannah Region, the Minister said the Salaga Mankango road was awarded to the brother of the former President who took mobilisation funds but did not do the work.

The Salaga Mankango road contract was awarded in 2016 to Messrs Engineers and Planners. But government recently terminated the contract over what it described as undue delay.

Dominic Ntiwul also added that the Salaga hospital project should have been completed by now if not for the deliberate delay of the NDC.

He questioned the people if such a person had their interest at heart to demand their

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The Savannah Regional Minister, Salifu Adam Braimah also lamented about an investor who had expressed interest in developing the Makango port but turn the offer down due to the bad nature of the road.

He thanked the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, for the role he played in the cancellation of the road contract assuring that if the road can be fixed he will bring back the investor.

Mr Braimah also raised concerns about the continue attacks on allege witches in the area with the third one happening in Bole three days ago.

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