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The Leadership of the Teacher Unions has asked the Audit Service to immediately withdraw its list of “Ghost Names” submitted to the Controller and Accountant General Department, while it takes appropriate steps to restore the payment of the salaries and arrears accrued to the affected Teachers.

In a Press Statement, the Teacher Unions, including GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT-GH thus gave  September, 15, 2020 as ultimatum for the affected Teachers to be paid saying, else it will have no other alternative than to advice themselves.

The so-called list generated and sent to the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) by the Audit Service with the explanation that the affected Teachers were not at post and are deemed as “ghost” Teachers has resulted in the freezing of the salaries of thousands of teachers.

The leadership of the Teacher Unions expressing their disquiet about the incident said:” the leadership of the Teacher Unions will want to show our displeasure and unhappiness to the unacceptable development where over fourteen thousand three hundred and forty-five (14,345) Teachers and Workers in the Ghana Education Service have had their names deleted from the payroll and have not been paid their salaries for the past three (3) months, though evidence show that these Teachers are at post and have been working.

“We will want to indicate our indignation to the modus operandi of the Audit Service in declaring Public Sector Workers as “Ghosts” without first resorting to the various service organizations for cross checking and verification.

“A simple reference to the various Heads of Institutions of the affected GES workers to authenticate or otherwise the presence of the worker could have avoided the embarrassment and pain caused these hard-working Teachers who are being made to go through pain they do not deserve.”

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