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The Auditor-General, Daniel Yaw Domelevo says until the cost of running for political office is reduced significantly, machinations to remove Chief Executives for manipulation of procurement processes will not end.

Speaking at CDD-Ghana’s national forum on campaign finance reform in Ghana, Mr. Domelevo said a different approach that takes into consideration Ghana’s unique political climate must be adopted to stop the practice.

“If it cost them [politicians] so much to come into public office, it stands to reason that they have to pay back and how do they payback? That is why they kick all the Chief Executives out and put their people there and all the procurements go one way. I buy the idea that we have to regulate the funding [of political parties], and the do’s and don’ts of what they do with the money,” he said.

“When you see good practices anywhere, copy but when you are pasting, paste well especially because the environment from which you are copying may not be the same as the environment where you are pasting. Ghana has a very unique environment,” Domelevo added.

The cost of elections in Ghana has been a major point of focus for political analysts in Ghana with the majority expressing concern over the cost of running election campaigns in the country.

CDD in 2018 indicated that the cost involved in engaging in an election shot up by 59% from 2012 to 2016, potentially costing as much as $85,000 (GHS403,750) to contest primaries and parliamentary elections.

In a statement to mark World Democracy Day, the CDD said the cost of the election campaigns have the potential of marginalizing competent persons from contesting and consequently weakening the democratic credentials of the country over time.

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