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Former Member of Parliament for Tain Constituency Kwasi Agyemang Gyan Tutu has declared his intention to contest the parliamentary seat as an independent candidate instead of his political party National Democratic Congress [NDC].

According to him, there has been unfair treatment in the party which has necessitated his decision to go independent in this year’s election. He said this in an interview with Agya Wusu on Link Agoo AM Show when commenting on his move.

He noted that the decision by the party not to recount the votes during the parliamentary primary when he and his agents had genuine concerns over the ballot is still worrying.

To him, the right thing the party ought to have done by the party leadership has been abandoned after several months of complaint and as a former MP he won’t sit aloof for the constituency to be deprived of the developments it deserved.

He has therefore charged people in the Tain constituency to vote for John Dramani Mahama as presidential candidate in the December 7 elections and then vote for him as their MP.

“Considering the foregoing, I will urge the people of Tain, to vote “skirt and blouse” by voting for John Mahama as President and me as their Member of Parliament”

The Tain constituency became popular during the second round of the 2008 elections which was rerun on 28 December 2008 but due to logistics problems, the Tain District alone had its run-off election on 2 January 2009 due to problems with distributing ballots. Following the voting on 28 December, Mills led by a slim margin, causing the Election Commission to state it would not announce Mills as the winner until after the election rerun in Tain. Prior to the announcement hundreds of NDC supporters converged on the election headquarters demanding that Mills be declared the victor, but were kept at bay by riot police and armed soldiers.

Fear of election day violence caused the NPP to file a lawsuit seeking to delay voting in Tain as it claimed that “the atmosphere in the rural district was not conducive to a free and fair election”. The court denied the NPP’s injunction request and said it would only hear the case on 5 January 2009. In response, the NPP called its supporters to boycott the vote, for which it was criticized by civil groups.

Source: Opehlia Aboagyewaa Kumi / RadioLinkNewsroom/Techiman

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