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The Krontihemaa of the Techiman Traditional Council, Nana Amoafowaa Agyeiwaa is kicking against any move by the Techiman Municipal Assembly to construct an ultra-modern market facility which will be used by traders at the Nana Abena market.

According to her, the said land selected by the assembly for the construction of the new market belongs to her family hence the need for better negotiation with the assembly before such construction will be permitted.

“The Assembly disrespected me by not consulting me in the first place before taking a decision to use my family land for the proposed market project.” She noted.

Addressing a press conference in Techiman on Wednesday at the Nana Abena market in Techiman, Nana Amoafowaa Agyeiwaa said anyone who tries to pull down or demolish the Nana Abena market should be prepared for legal battle.

She has further accused authorities of hiding behind power to do things without proper consultation.

 “Authorities in Techiman like doing things the ‘kalabuley’ way.” She alleged.

She, however remains firm on her words that anyone who goes against her stance to ensure the right things were done will face the full rigorous of the law.

The World Bank on September 28, 2018 approved a $100 million International Development Association (IDA) credit for the Ghana Secondary Cities Support program. The main objective of the program is to enhance urban management and improve basic services for residents in 25 secondary cities and the urban poor.

The program will help strengthen local systems and focus on municipal assemblies by providing them incentives to improve their performance as city managers. The program will also assist regional and national institutions to provide municipal assemblies with the support needed for effective urban management and service delivery. It is on the back of this program that the Techiman Municipal Assembly obtained support from the World Bank to construct the new Nana Abena market.

Meanwhile, the Techiman Traditional Council has distanced itself from the utterances of the Nana Krontihemaa. Adding that the traditional council is not even aware of her press conference.

Speaking to Radio Link News, Registrar at the Techiman Traditional Council, Eghan Evans said the council has not officially met to deliberate on the market.

“The Kronti stool isn’t independent from the traditional council. All the chiefs and sub-chiefs in Techiman are all under the big umbrella thus, the Tradition Council,” he stated.

“If anyone in this town is against the construction of the new Nana Abena market, then that person isn’t a patriotic native of this town. That person hates to see development in Techiman.”

He stated that, Paramount Chief of the Techiman Traditional Council, Nana Oseadeayo Akumfi-Ameyaw IV is yet to speak on the entire issue thence the stance of the Traditional Council will be made.

Source: Felix Aning-Amankwa/Esther Nerano/RadioLinkNewsroom/Techiman

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