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The Centre for Socioeconomic Studies (CSS) a research and policy think tank has requested the Auditor-General to immediately submit to Parliament and subsequently publish the various audit reports of the 2019 fiscal year.

According to the Centre, this demand is in accordance with Article 21 of the 1992 Constitution.

“This demand becomes imperative as it has become clear that you have exceeded the constitutionally stipulated period required of you to release such an important public document. A further delay greatly contravenes Article 187 (5) of the 1992 Constitution which clearly enjoins the Auditor-General to, within six (6) months after the end of the
immediately preceding financial year, to submit his audit reports to parliament and shall, in that report, draw attention to any irregularities in the accounts audited and to any other matter which in his opinion ought to be brought to the notice of Parliament and the general public as a whole.

“It is barely four (4) months to the end of the 2020 fiscal year when there will be a need for another audit of the public accounts of Ghana. Your office is mandated by the constitution to bring to bear on public finance transparency, integrity, and public accountability for the purposes of good governance and development. Your further delay in releasing the 2019 fiscal year audit reports would at best convey to the well-meaning citizens of Ghana your culpability in your using such an esteem office to shield public officials from wrongs done to the collective will of the Ghanaian people,” a statement signed by Albert Wotorgbui (Fellow) said.

The Centre for Socioeconomic Studies further expressed its trust in the Auditor-General’s commitment to the cause of transparency and public accountability for the general good.

Hence, we are by this reminder drawing your attention to the need to, without further delay submit to the public (Parliament) your audit reports showing the manner in which the public finances were utilised in the 2019 fiscal year,” the statement added.

Centre for Socioeconomic Studies (CSS) is an independent research and policy think tank committed to producing policy-oriented knowledge for both state and non-state institutions across the world.

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