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The Atebubu Traditional Council has cautioned chiefs [sub-chiefs] and leadership in communities in the Atebubu traditional area not to allow the parliamentary candidate of the National Democratic Congress [NDC] in the Atebubu-Amantin Constituency to hold any rally or campaign on their lands.

According to the authority, anyone who disobeys this directive is going to lose his seat as a chief or odikro in the town or community. This was revealed by the spokesperson for the traditional authority, Nana Boakye Yiadom in an interview with Kwame Boakye, the host of ‘Oman Nkommo‘ political talk show. “Any radio station that grants him interview or even airplay will be forced to close down. If his posters are found on your walls, house or your structure, you will also be summoned to the palace for further actions to be taken.”

 The ban on the campaign of the NDC parliamentary candidate Sanja Nanja has been awaken as a result of his refusal to apologize to the traditional council for verbally abusing the queen mother of the land Nana Efua Donyina II which dates back to Friday April 2016 prior to the general elections. Nana Boakye Yiadom added that the former District Chief Executive Sanja Nanja has refused to be remorseful therefore they can’t just allow him to campaign and be an MP in the name of Atebubu.

He stressed that the traditional Authority have no issue with the NDC as a political party rather their candidate.

“Until needful is done by the NDC Parliamentary Candidate, he won’t be allowed into our land not to talk of lead our area.”

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