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The Christian Council of Ghana has welcomed the further easing of restrictions on religious gatherings.

The Chairperson of the Council, Most Rev. Dr. Paul Boafo, told Citi News his outfit will ensure churches abide by the COVID-19 preventive etiquettes.

“The churches are first of all disciplined institutions and that is why we believe the leaders will make sure their members adhere to it.”

Churches and mosques were given a 100 congregation cap and a time limit of one-hour for services after the initial ban on gatherings was eased.

The cap on the number of people permitted to attend services in churches or mosques has now been lifted by the government.

President Akufo-Addo also extended the duration for hosting religious activities from one hour to two hours.

These new directives take effect from Saturday, August 1, 2020.

But the churches are to ensure social distance among congregants of at least one metre, the wearing of face masks among other safety protocols.

Rev. Boafo expects that churches will abide by the new protocols like the new ones.

“In the first instance, they followed it and we believe that in this second one, we are going to do the same and none will be flouting the protocols,” he said.

He reminded that it “will not be a good testimony for us as a church” if they were found to be abusing the eased restrictions.

Guidelines for churches:

  • Churches are to ensure a No handshake, No hugging and No Spitting policy at all time.
  • No crowded dancing and waving of handkerchiefs during church services.
  • Microphones are to be sanitized immediately after each use.
  • All persons who speak or sing in churches must wear facemask during service.
  • Churches are to discourage singing in groups and instead use pre-recorded songs.
  • Pre-packaged communion bread and wine should be picked up by members at the point of entry.
  • Place offering bowls at the entrance and exit points for members to give offerings and tithes when entering or on their way out of church premises. Encourage cash transfers via mobile money or mobile banking as forms of giving offerings.
  • In observance of social distancing protocols, laying on of hands should not be allowed.

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