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The police have arrested 106 people in connection with electoral breaches at various centres in the ongoing voters registration exercise across the country.

The breaches generated 80 cases between June 30 and July 21, out of which the 106 suspects were arrested.

Some 55 incidents are currently under investigations, 14 cases are already in court, eight suspects are yet to be identified, two cases have been settled, while one case has been closed because it was a false report.

The Director of Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, Superintendent of Police Sheila Kessie Abayie-Buckman, said the Greater Accra Region topped the list with 15 cases involving 19 suspects, with 12 of the cases still under investigations, while three were at the law courts.

She said the Western North Region had 11 cases involving nine suspects, with eight of the cases still under investigation and one already in court, while two suspects were yet to be identified.

Other regions

In the Ashanti Region, Mrs Abayie-Buckman said, six cases had been reported, involving six suspects, four of which were still under investigations, while two of the suspects were yet to be identified.

She said five cases involving nine suspects had been reported in the Tema Police Region, while three were under investigations, with one case in court and another closed.

She said the Eastern Region had seven cases, with 17 suspects, with three under investigations, two already in court, while one had been settled.

In the Savannah Region, she said, eight cases, involving 10 suspects, had been reported, with four cases under investigations, two in court, one suspect not identified and one case settled, while seven cases had been reported in the Bono East Region, with 11 suspects involved, seven still under investigations, with none of the cases yet to be sent to court.

In the Central Region, she said, five cases had been reported, with nine suspects involved, one currently under investigation, three in court, while one suspect was yet to be identified.

Mrs Abayie-Buckman said eight cases had been reported in the Bono Region, involving seven suspects, with all the eight cases still under investigations, while three had been reported in the Western Region, with six suspects involved, two of them under investigations and one in court.

Least cases

She said the Ahafo, Upper East, Upper West and Volta regions had so far not reported any incidents relating to the registration exercise, while the Northern Region had recorded only one case, which was pending before court.

She said the Oti Region had recorded three cases, involving two suspects, with two of them under investigations, with the third already in court, while the North East Region had recorded one incident, with no suspect and the case still under investigation.

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